4th International Conference “Education Across Borders” 

Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Perspectives




Hotel NameTelephone NumberWebsitePrice*Breakfast
Hotel Veltsi+302385046555www.hotel-veltsi.grSingle room: 41,50

Double room: 61,50

Included in the price
Boutique Hotel  Philippion+302385023346www.hotelphilippion.grSingle room: 38,00

Double room: 48,00

Included in the price
Pleiades Hotel+302385044070www.pleiadesflorina.grSingle room: 30,00

Double room: 50,00

Included in the price
Phaidon Hotel & Spa+302385044800https://phaidonhotel.grSingle room: 31,50

Double room: 46,50

Included in the price
King Alexander Hotel+302385023501www.kingalexander.grSingle room: 31,50

Double room: 41,50

Triple room: 56,50

Included in the price
Lingos Hotel+302385028322https://hotel-lingos.grSingle room: 30,00

Double room: 40,00

Included in the price
Filareti Hotel+302385023587 Single room: 20,00

Double room: 30,00

+5 Euros

+10 Euros

Hellinis Hotel
 Single room: 20,00
Double room: 30,00
Triple room: 40,00
Included in the price

*All prices are given in euro ().